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Run your social media on auto pilot and free up your time
Clarify your marketing message, connect with more customers, and revolutionize your marketing.
Do you need help with your social media marketing, but can't afford to pay thousands of dollars each month to a marketing agency? We completely understand. We can help you!
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Some companies we have worked with
Case Study
According to Facebook there are now more than 50 million small businesses using Facebook Pages to connect with their customers. 4 million of those businesses pay for social media advertising on Facebook and these are the businesses that are excelling and surpassing their competition.

The social media advertising statistics show that small-sized companies should consider paying for Facebook ads in order to gain visibility and surpass competitors relatively easily.

If you're not posting consistently and advertising on a regular basis you're falling behind your competitors. 

do you want to grow your business?
Do you struggle finding the time to post consistently on social media? Do you struggle with trying to come up with good social media content? Not sure what your message should be when you make a post? Lack of clarity in your marketing message is costing you more than you realize. Failure to make consistent high quality posts with a clear message is causing people to choose your competitors over you, which leads to decreased sales and less revenue.
Failure to fix your marketing
What will happen to your business if you ignore fixing your marketing message and you don't start posting high quality content on a regular basis?
 Customers will choose the competition
 You may have to close your business
 You'll continue to be stressed out
 You won't reach your goals
Fixing the Problem
If you confuse your customers with what you're actually offering they'll go somewhere else to do business. Clarifying your marketing message is the first step you have to take if you want an advantage over your competition. Second, you have to showcase your services or products better. Better content = more leads, more sales, and more revenue. And third, you have to increase your brand awareness.  
how we can help you
We can clarify your marketing message using a framework called a brand story. This creative style of marketing helps you stand out and addresses your customers emotions and feelings to help sell your products and services. We then utilize this brand story to make daily Facebook posts and Instagram posts along with high quality content that sets you apart from your competition. And then with great content and a clarified marketing message we craft a super targeted Facebook Ad campaign(s) each month increase your brand awareness which leads to more sales and increased revenue. 
We build awareness & deliver results
the process
Step 1
After the purchase one of our marketing experts will contact you for a brief interview to learn more about your business so we can create a brand story that will help market your business on social media better.
Step 2
We'll discuss the type of content to be posted that best suits your business. You can send us pictures and content or we'll source high quality pictures and content that reflect your business. Or a combination of both. You remain in complete control. We'll never post anything that goes against your wishes.
Step 3
We'll discuss what type of Ad campaign you want to run (reach ads to build awareness or engagement ads to build more followers, etc). We'll never run an ad campaign without your approval first. We know that getting your approval is of upmost importance.
Step 4
Then we'll get to work so you can focus on the core of your business. We'll provide a monthly report via email and we can even go over it via phone if you'd like. You'll be able to put us on speed dial and discuss any upcoming sales or events you want to promote. Our goal is to produce outstanding content and advertising for your business to grow your leads, increase your sales, and give you more revenue.
No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.
Since every business is different and there's ups and downs in every industry we can't guarantee that your business will be successful. However, you have our guarantee on meeting the metrics outlined in each of the options listed below. If you're not 100% completely satisfied with what you are seeing after the first month, you can cancel at anytime. And you can keep on using the brand story we provide to you.
Run Your Social Media On Auto pilot today and free up your time!
Build Your Brand Awareness Through Consistency And Effective Targeted Advertising 
Pro Social Media pkg
 Brand Story Creation
 3 FB posts per week
 1 Targeted ad campaign per month
Ad cost not included. Can be as little as $5/day. See Faq.
Pro Plus Social Media Pkg
 Brand Story Creation
 5 FB posts per week
 1 Targeted ad campaign per month
Ad cost not included. Can be as little as $5/day. See Faq.
Genius Social Media Pkg
 Brand Story Creation
 6 FB posts per week
 2 Targeted ad campaigns per month
Ad cost not included. Can be as little as $5/day. See Faq.
Guru Social Media Pkg
 Brand Story Creation
 7 FB posts per week
 3 Targeted ad campaigns per month
Ad cost not included. Can be as little as $5/day. See Faq.
Instagram Add on Pkg
 In addition to a package above
 Matching posts per week
 Grow your followers
Replies Add on Pkg
 In addition to a package above
 We reply to comments
 We reply to PM's & DM's
Take a breather and let us do the work for you so you can focus more on your business or just free up more of your time to do the things you love with the people you love.
Does this seem expensive to you?
To help you understand the value of these results-driven services consider the following:
First, how much would it cost you to hire a full time employee who knows proven marketing strategies? It would cost a lot more than these prices listed above. But you're not just getting a "full time employee," you're getting a team of marketing experts to deliver outstanding results for the cost of less than one full time employee.

Second, consider the Life Time Value (LTV) of one of your clients. Let's say, your ideal client visits your salon 2 times per month and spends on average $50 per visit. In one year they would bring you $1200 dollars. The lifetime value of that client on average is 5 years. So that one client would bring you around $6000. And she would at least refer one friend so that's $6000 x 2 = $12,000 LTV.

Now, if you hired us at $2,000/mo plus $1,000 in Ad spend, that's $3,000. And if we worked with your business for one year, that would be $36,000. We would just need to bring you 30 new clients in a year to break even. That's not that many clients. But we're going to go way beyond breaking even. We want to at a minimum bring in double what you're paying out for our services. So, how would you like 60, 100, 200 new clients this next year?

There's three ways a business increases their revenue:
1. Gain new clients
2. Increase the frequency that clients purchase
3. Sell more services/products to clients 

We want to help you do these three things: gain new clients, increase purchase frequency, and sell more services to those clients.

Imagine over the course of 1 year we brought you 60 new ideal clients who visit your salon 2 times per month and spend at least $50 per visit. Just 60 new ideal clients using the figures above would generate $72,000 revenue in one year. Now consider the lifetime value of those clients over the next several years and the referrals they'll generate for you....$720,000 plus revenue. We can help you. We know marketing. We know business.
Mike L.
Verified Purchase
I decided to hire ShaynaMADE to build out a Facebook ad campaign. I didn't even know where to begin. They are super helpful and knowledgeable when it comes to marketing. 
Emily C.
Verified Purchase
"I own a small beauty business and have been considering hiring a marketing strategist to set up and run my Facebook ads for a few months to expand my local reach...The marketing blueprint he developed for my business far exceeded my expectations..."
Tony D.
Verified Purchase
"The ShaynaMADE marketing team is exceptional when it comes to understanding how to clarify marketing messages and drive traffic to websites. They know what they're doing."
How soon will I see results?
It depends. If you already have a large following, clarifying your message and posting consistently, will generate quicker results. On average less than 7% of your followers will see an organic post. If you have a small following it usually takes about 3 months of advertising to build awareness to see good results. Statistically it takes someone seeing an ad 7-15 times before they commit to buying. Paid advertising is necessary to drive traffic and posting consistently increases the percentage of people seeing your brand causing them to make a purchase. 
Are advertising costs included in the monthly packages?
No. Advertising costs to run the ad campaigns is separate. You will be required to enter your credit card information into Facebook ads manager. It's secure and you will never be charged more than the advertising budget you set. The more you can spend on your advertising budget the quicker you will see results. Matching the advertising budget to the package you select is a good practice. However, we're willing to work with very small budgets, after all everyone has to start somewhere. If you just want to dip your toes into advertising I recommend getting started with $5/day (roughly $150/mo) in additional to one of the social media packages you select. Remember though it's a numbers game, the more ad money you spend the bigger the impact, and the more results you'll see quicker. If your ad budget is extremely small we can run the campaign for a week or two instead of the whole month. The goal would be to grow your followers so that organic posts made have a greater percentage of followers seeing the posts.
Can I still make posts if I want to? 
Yes. You can make posts whenever you want. We'll still be posting on a regular basis to meet the metrics outlined in the plan you selected.
Will you use hashtags in the posts you make? 
Yes, we certainly can and will if you want us to. If you're a local business that relies on foot traffic we'll discover good local hashtags to increase your local brand awareness that'll drive traffic to your business. If you're an online business we'll focus on using hashtags that will build your brand awareness to increase your online sales. We can also do a combination of both hashtags.  
What's a targeted ad campaign? 
We utilize the Facebook Ad Manager that connects to your Facebook business page. It allows us to create what's called an ad set with demographics, interests, and behaviors to target your ideal customer. It also allows us to narrow in on specific locations, set budgets, and schedule certain times to run your ads that will be most effective. We'll run your ad for 30 days at a time and if need be make adjustments to increase its effectiveness.
We're the ones helping you
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